Hello World v2.0

Aug 2, 2015 • Guilherme Lampert

Time flies! Hard to believe I first started writing on this blog three years ago. It was more then about time to give it a revamp and modernize the layout! Now blog and my personal website are unified under the same platform and appearance, and are now also much easier to modify and update, thanks to Jekyll, the engine that powers these pages.

Hope you find the new layout and style pleasant and easy to use/navigate. It was mostly done by me alone, so it is liable to have a few bugs ;).

Unfortunately, The old blogspot URLs are no longer valid, so there will be a few broken links, but hey, I don’t really care about legacy :P.

The site is now hosted by GitHub Pages, which is very fast and responsive. Previously, I was using the shared GoDaddy hosting, which I’d now suggest that it should be avoided like the plague! Seriously, it would often produce 1 minute+ load times on a first access with empty Browser cache. Now GitHub Pages feels like if I’m accessing from my local hard drive, just light years faster than the crappy GoDaddy hosting.

Anyways, welcome to the new site, enjoy the visit!