Old Stuff/Projects

Apr 24, 2013 • Guilherme Lampert

Old stuff

I have done quite a few small scale projects, crude games and demos during my Games Development course in Brazil. Most of the academic stuff is available online. The code is surely far from good in most of those projects, I can happily say that I have improved a lot over the years!

Also, 2D/3D rendering used to be done with old fixed function OpenGL. So I don’t see much real life use for them nowadays, but who knows, someone might find some useful code fragments in there anyway, I’ll just dump the links here.

fps-game First Person Shooter game and tiny game framework/engine.
simd-rt Minimal Ray Tracer. Runs in real time, on up to 4 threads.
procedural-fish Fish simulation (using flocking behaviours).
tic-tac-toe-tcp Networked Tic-Tac-Toe game with an OpenGL based GUI.
wavefront-obj-tools Wavefront Object mesh loader and Progressive Mesh LOD system.