PlayStation 2 homebrew

Jan 21, 2015 • Guilherme Lampert

This weekend I decided to take a break and took my PS2 out of its box for some high quality entertainment time. The PS2 is my favorite Sony console. Now and then I still play my old games on It. I have all the saves on a couple 8 Megabytes memory cards.

After playing for a while, I thought about doing a Net search to know more about the “homebrew” PS2 scene. It turns out the community of amateur PS2 game developers is (or used to be) quite strong and well equipped. After some searching I found myself downloading tools, demos and an emulator. By the end of the day I already had compiled and tested a sample program on the emulator.

So I’ll be doing some PlayStation 2 retro-programming on my spare time I guess. BTW, the PS2 is now 14y old. Is this even considered retro-programming? Or is it more like being a code hipster? :P.

Well anyways, I’m going to post some of my progress here, as well as one or two tutorial-like posts on how to set up the development environment. This will be worth writing about because I’ll be doing everything on a MacBook Pro laptop (Mac OS X) and I haven’t heard of anyone building PS2 games on this platform.