New year, new projects

Jan 5, 2016 • Guilherme Lampert

I’ve been off the grid for a couple months now, but I wasn’t just chilling over the holidays, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on the side too. Guess it is time to make some of them known.

Quake II on the PS2

Good news, everyone!

Quake II is a perfect game to port to the PS2. Officially, it was ported to the PSOne and the X360, plus a handful of other systems, but it sadly never made into the PlayStation 2. I’m a big fan of the game, and was playing it last year again and thought to myself, damn, this would make for a mighty fine PS2 game. Then I started the project soon after. The basics are more or less already in place, we have 2D rendering of the menus and in-game UI plus cinematics. Now comes the hard part of the 3D drawing, so I’m guessing it will still take some six months or so before I have anything interesting to show for, since I’m only working on it sporadically.

Quake II is a game codebase that is ready for porting. The rendering and platform specific code are very well separated from the game logic, plus the code is quite readable and straightforward, despite its old age. It is going to be a very interesting project to work on this year. If you’d like to contribute, get in touch. Let’s write a port that makes John Carmack proud!

Lots of old code going Open Source or Public Domain

I’m also in the process of getting some old libraries and unfinished projects that I never made public into a presentable enough shape to publish them on GitHub. The first one in this batch is the Debug Draw library.

Most will be published with Public Domain license. I want to give you as much freedom as possible to use the code in whatever ways it might suit you, no strings attached. I couldn’t care less about copyright, it’s code that was abandoned in my hard-drive anyways, so I much prefer to have people using it instead.

I’ll be releasing a lot more stuff in the coming months, so follow my GitHub user if you’re interested in getting the updates. For some of the smaller stuff I’ll just create Gists, so be sure to check them as well.